7 Places So Magical You Won’t Believe Are In South East Asia

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(TL;DR) You don’t have to travel far for the holiday of a lifetime.


We often marvel at the beautiful sights of Europe and the Americas but we actually needn’t look too far to find some equally, if not more, beautiful places in South East Asia itself.

Because these destinations are closer to home, it will also mean shorter travel time, making them more convenient (and affordable!) for getaways.

1. Ko Lipe, Thailand

The southern most island of Thailand, this idyllic destination features crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches without being too commercialized yet.

kohlipe thailand

2. Pangkor Luat Island, Malaysia

This enchanting private island resort has attracted Pavarotti, Michael Schumacher, Eric Cantona, Michelle Yeoh and other celebrities with its beautiful and tranquil view of Emerald Bay.


3. Taal Volcano, Philippines

Hidden amongst the clouds, Taal Volcano is the world’s smallest active volcano. Located on the Philippines island of Luzon, it is a volcano within a lake within another volcano within a lake!

taalvolcano johnkchua

4. Cristo Rei of Dili, East Timor

This towering statue of Jesus Christ in Dili, the capital of East Timor, overlooks the magnificent Cape Fatucama.


5. Kuang Si Falls, Laos

The greatest highlight of Luang Prabang, this breathtaking cascading three-tier waterfall features the most spectacular turquoise pools.


6. Bagan, Myanmar

Located in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar, there is definitely no better way to experience this ancient city than flying over the Bagan plains in a hot air balloon!


7. Sapa, Vietnam

This quiet mountain town along the border with China overlooks terraced rice fields and your adventure here is best complete with a local homestay!

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