Wed. May 29th, 2024

(TL;DR) Some of the most common pronunciation errors found in Singapore – and how to avoid them.

There are some English words that seem to take an identity of their own when they are pronounced by Singaporeans and we sometimes end up with foreigners asking us, “Do you guys speak English?”

Errr, that’s exactly what we have been conversing in THE ENTIRE TIME?

(Me… all the time.)

So here are 11 words commonly mispronounced in Singapore – and how you can pronounce them correctly.

1. FLOUR (audio)

lMQ0Qid - Imgur

2. WOMEN (audio)

67MdkXh - Imgur

3. COLLEAGUE (audio)

quwg1SU - Imgur

4. LETTUCE (audio)

dbILk67 - Imgur

5. CHILDREN (audio)

qEK4BjR - Imgur

6. SALMON (audio)

gbud7oc - Imgur

7. RECEIPT (audio)

ybvr7A5 - Imgur

8. LAVENDER (audio)

Z5WTRUn - Imgur

9. WEDNESDAY (audio)

nS1YHgN - Imgur

10. CEMENT (audio)

0NC5JFN - Imgur

11. ABALONE (audio)

JZv8nlr - Imgur


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