Last Week in Parliament: The Real Desmond Choo

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(TL;DR) 5 points for you to look smart in front of your friends.

desmond choo

1) Who is Desmond Choo?
• First-time Labour MP & MP for Tampines GRC
• Director of Youth Development at NTUC and Executive Secretary of the Attractions, Resorts and Entertainment Union (AREU)
• Father to 3 month-old Sarah

2) What makes him tick?
Youths and young workers aged 18 to 35 years old – this guy is immensely keen in the ‘Future of Young Workers’!

3) So what does he think about young workers and the future of their work?
“First, young workers aspire to be successful across different facets of their lives. We often hear that the younger workers are only concerned about work-life balance. But I believe what many meant is not only career success important but so are family and social success. They want latitude in managing their time to explore personal growth.”

“…Young workers believe in chasing growth and learning curves. It is not uncommon to hear employers lament that young workers just do not stay long enough in the job to learn sufficiently. My dialogues with many of the young workers reveal that some left their jobs because they felt that they are not learning much anymore. Or when the career paths are not clear. Or when they cannot identify with the work of the company…”

4) What did he wear for his debut in Parliament?
7/10 – Safe but boring.

desmond choo parl


5) What is his outlook for Singapore’s economy in 2016?
It looks like it’s going to be a very bleak year and we ought to be prepared.

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We can start by enhancing our domain skills with Future-Ready skills to always remain relevant and competitively employable. Also, we should tap on the recently launched SkillsFuture movement and the varous education and training opportunities available to better secure our future with skills mastery and lifelong learning.


(BONUS!) Bet you didn’t know this about him:
He listens to Teresa Teng!

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