Last Week in Parliament: The Real Amrin Amin

By February 2, 2016Current, People

(TL;DR) 5 points for you to look smart in front of your friends.


1) Who is Amrin Amin?
• Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs
• MP for Sembawang GRC

2) What makes him tick?
Social mobility as well as safety and security.

3) So what does he think about social mobility in Singapore?
There’s going to be many pressures that may pull us apart if we are not careful. So the way forward is for us to make sure that while we have differences, we have a core and the core remains and we strengthen that core.

4) What did he wear for Parliament?
8.5/10 – The clean shaven look and very smart suit works very well for him, doesn’t it?



5) Bet you didn’t know this about him:
He was a corporate lawyer before becoming an office-holder and was K. Shanmugam’s legislative assistant from 2004 to 2006.

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