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10 Unconventional Valentines That Will Blow Your Girlfriends' Mind (and Heart) -
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Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

(TL;DR) Here’s how to make your Valentines’ Day seriously unique, for the unique loves of our lives.

Flowers, fancy dinner, moonlight walks around Marina Bay Sands – we’ve all seen it before. But chocolates aren’t enough to impress your loved ones this Valentines Day anymore, especially when restaurants are getting crowded with lovesick couples. For a truly unique Valentines Day, here are 10 unconventional ideas that will show off your creativity and win your girlfriends’ heart while blowing their mind.

1. Fish for your Food


Skip the fancy restaurants and go straight to the source. Singapore’s first Kelong restaurant is the best place to bring a date who truly appreciates fresh seafood. At Smith Marine, you get to fish for your meal in a small indoor pond, after which the chefs at the restaurant will cook your hard labour for your tasting. If you’re not interested in fishing, then simply select anything from its extensive menu, and you can be sure the food will be the freshest you’d ever taste.

Website: Smith Marine

Number: +65 9792 7609

2. Go shooting


This sounds strange, but put a gun in your lovers’ hands this Valentines Day. Singapore Gun Club holds clay shooting sessions that will actually let you hold a gun with your bare hands and shoot flying targets.

Just don’t piss her off when she has the gun.

Website: Singapore Gun Club

3. Escape a Room

Escape Rooms are all the rage now, and bringing your date to solve a “fake” real life problem will be the ultimate act of trust and devotion to her. I mean, if being put in a room together and forced to puzzle your way out won’t solidify your love, then what will?

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Website: Lockdown/Captivate Escape Room

4. Make each other Perfume


Of all the senses that we have, the sense of smell is the most personal. In a couple’s perfuming class, you will not only learn what goes into making a perfume, but also reach into the depths of each others personalities to understand each other on a more sensual level. Also, you’ll leave with each of your own personal scents, and you’re bound to think of him/her whenever you smell that sweet perfume.

Website: Jetaime Perfumery

Address: 90 Goodman road, Good Man Art Center, Block B 04-10 Singapore, 439053

Number: +65 9181 4871

5. Walk/Kayak the Mangroves


Forget the cushy cafes and air-conditioning that you could have when you could instead explore the lesser known parts of Singapore in the ultimate adventure! Walking amongst the mangroves on Pulau Ubin brings you closer to nature than you’d ever be in Singapore, and you may be surprised to see some new and exciting creatures. If you’re game, you can even opt to kayaking around mangroves. Perfect for the energetic nature couple.

Website: Ubin Kayak/Schedule

6. Visit Science Centre — Again


You may not have been to the Science Centre since road trips as a child, but going as a couple is a completely different experience. Learn new things at their completely immersive exhibitions, watch a movie in the IMAX dome theatre, and even check out their live animals exhibitions filled with adorable little chicks and scaly geckos.

Nothing spells love more like becoming a child again.

Website: Science Centre/Omni-Theatre

Address: 15 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609081

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7. Play Tourist


We’ve lived in Singapore all our lives, but how well do we really know Singapore? It never hurts to learn, especially when you can hop on a open-air bus to explore the cultural hearts of Singapore, or sign up for a customised private tour to dive deep into a real look into Singapore, from anything for foodies to the real history hunters. You won’t even have to go too far.
Website: Indie Singapore/Viator

8. Have a private durian party


If your love is a serious durian lover, then why not arrange a private durian party just for her? Durian services will arrange anything you need from plastic gloves to table cloths, and all you need to do is sit her down and treat your girl to the best durian feast she’s had.

Website: 227 Katong Durian/Durian King

9. Visit a Turtle Museum


You’d never imagine that people loved turtles so much that they decided to build a museum around it, but there you go. Singapore’s only turtle and tortoise museum celebrates the adorable shelled creatures and its great diversity. You also get to pet and feed the terrapins and soft-shelled turtles that roam freely through the park.

Website: TLive Turtle and Tortoise Museum

Address: 1 Chinese Garden Road, Singapore 619795 

10. Have your Fortune Told


Want to find out more about the future between you and your loved ones? Perhaps getting your fortune told will be a fun experience that will reveal some insights. Fortune telling isn’t for everyone, but it is a fun way to learn more about each other and your relationship together. Get your ba zi read by consulting a fengshui master, or seek out a tarot card reader, and let the rest unfold.

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Website: Madhu Tiwari/Kong Meng San Phor Kark

By Annie Teh

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