4 easy ways to save $1000 in Singapore

(TL;DR – Little by little, slowly become flower.)

I’m all for saving money (who doesn’t want more, right?) but I do not believe in going all the way out to inconvenience my life or to make the people around me uncomfortable by doing something weird like charging all my electrical gadgets in office. #truestory

So here are 4 simple tips you can apply to your everyday life to see your bank account go up by 4 digits:

1. Replace that cuppa



I don’t just love coffee – I need to have my daily caffeine fix. But while I used to pop by Starbucks every morning, I’ve since realised that choosing the traditional kopi o kosong (it’s only 90cents at NTUC Foodfare coffee shop and $1 at foodcourt by the way!) instead saves me almost $4 daily. That adds up to $1460 a year!

2. Exercise for free

You could save a few hundred dollars a month without the fancy gym memberships and opt to run around our many park connectors and waterways. Or if you’re working in the city, then you could be running into the sunset with a view like this:



Pretty awesome, no?

3. Make your own salads



Notice I only said salads? Because some meals like char kway tiao are ridiculously impossible to whip up I know but salads are so easy to put together and yet they cost so much! If you are the sort to have a salad for lunch every day, simply wake up 15 min earlier to toss together your own greens and you’ll soon thank yourself for saving $10 daily – that’s $3650 a year!

4. Go Generic



Did you know? NTUC Fairprice’s bread is exactly the same as Sunshine’s white bread, sans the branding and packaging? And cheaper too! Opt for generic house brands for your necessities and you’ll be saving money on fancy labeling you don’t need.



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