Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

It’s a typical Thursday night – I’m out with the husband and the boys (or “the bros” as they are affectionately known as) when I see that familiar drill happening. He puts down his mug, raises his hands, clears his throat and goes, “Hey guys, guys! When can a woman make you a millionaire?” – and that’s when it struck me…

Marriage is listening to your husband tell the same joke repeatedly and trying your best to act amused every. single. time.

I totally deserve an Oscar for my acting skillz

Here are 10 other succinct one-liners that accurately sum up what marriage is REALLY like:

1) Food Woes



2) Bedding be like

nDJRlyr - Imgur

3) Making dinner decisions

bCpamrI - Imgur

4) Bathroom Convenience

u6OYTyR - Imgur

5) Being Social

sFxzQq6 - Imgur

6) Turning the heat up

CeiwKNE - Imgur

7) Responsibility issues

JqF59DE - Imgur

8) Patience is a virtue

tRtHIjh - Imgur

8) Law school, maybe.

Q9o2DXk - Imgur

9) Errand runs

wFQvK7P - Imgur

10) Caffeine Fix

qau5Y7V - Imgur

11) Some action tonight?

rF2yToQ - Imgur

By the way, the answer to his millionaire question is, “When he’s already a billionaire.”

Not funny, I also know.

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By Zahra