10 life lessons for the thirty-somethings out there

By March 19, 2016Perspectives

TL;DR – Don’t mess the rest of your life up.

I just turned 30 last year, so I’ve had a grand total of erm, 6 months’ experience of being a 30 year-old HAHA. But I’ve seen many, many, MANY of those “XX advice for 30-somethings” articles circulating Facebook and while they all seem quite helpful, I can’t help but feel that they pretty much apply to people of all ages.

So here’s my list, from the perspective of a fresh 30 year-old, of 10 things that I want to remind myself to take on in the coming decade:

1.  30 is the new 20

Once upon a time, being 30 sounded really old. Fact is, it’s not. You still have a good 70% of your life to try new things, new jobs and basically still have room to f**k things up.

2. Don’t settle

I don’t say this enough but really, this is really the most important (at least to me). I know most of your friends are probably married, have a child or two and have already bought their first homes. Do not settle for the sake of settling – there is no standard blueprint to Life.

3. Hype is cancerous

So often we end up opening our emails and falling for hype (e.g. “30% off TODAY only!” or “2 hours only! Buy a ticket and fly back for free!”) Learn to train yourself to resist such hype and not get suckered into rash-buying something you do not need (like an industrial-grade toilet cleaner that you absolutely have no use for. #truestory)

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4. It’s better to be alone than in bad company

It’s time to weed out those fair-weather ‘friends’.  You know, those fake, toxic, manipulative relationships that you no longer have the capacity and energy to deal with?

5. Start to save for retirement

Your parents were right. Pay off your credit card debt, earn as much money as you can, save as much money as you can.

6. But, it’s OK to splurge once in a while

I’m not asking you to suddenly MIA from the office and hitchhike your way to Tahiti but a little something for yourself once in a while ain’t gonna hurt.

7. Now’s the time

All that stuff you’d wanted to do in your 20s? Like take up CrossFit, learn a new language, or even see a dentist for that toothache that has been bothering you? Do it now.

8. Spend time with your parents and grandparents


This broke my heart a million times over.

This is the most magical decade where ALL of us (including our parents and grandparents) are young enough to enjoy each other’s company without age or illness in the way. Take time off work to bring them on a holiday, have more dinners together and call home more often.

9. Stay updated with technology

Don’t be afraid of new technology or dismiss new social media platforms as something for the “young kids”.  Stay updated, (try to) be cool.  That being said, I’m now going to have to master Snapchat lol.

10. Sunscreen

Hello, 36°C in Singapore not very funny. You’ll be thanking yourself 10 years later.


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