There is another hidden inbox on Facebook and you probably have tons of messages lost there.

By April 7, 2016Tech

TL;DR – No, I’m not kidding and neither am I trying to get you to transfer money to my Uncle in Nigeria.

Ok guys, apparently there is ANOTHER inbox on Facebook and you probably have tons of messages trapped there.

I just tried it out myself and gosh, ALL THOSE MESSAGES THAT I DIDN’T REPLY 🙁

Here’s the step-by-step guide to retrieving those black hole messages:


1) Go to your messages’ main page


2) Click on More, then select Filtered


Then prepare to scream, and scream again before finally crying buckets at all the messages you never knew you had.

Facebook Messenger App

1) Open your Messenger app and go to the Settings button (gear icon)IMG_3091

2) Go to ‘People’


3) Click on ‘Message Requests’

IMG_30884) Select “See Filtered Requests”


via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Your face should look like that now.

(All screenshots via Facebook)

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