This new melon frappuccino from Starbucks has got my heart racing.

By April 7, 2016World

TL;DR – Cantaloupe Melon and Cream – I can die now.

Chocolate-covered fries from McDonalds? Lemon Cheesecake Pocky? Concoctions we can only dream of – and get – in Japan. And yes, these guys have done it again…


Here’s introducing the Cantaloupe Melon and Cream Frappuccino

That’s only going to be be made available in Starbucks Japan.

*cues sound of heart breaking into a million pieces *


This new drink available from 13 April for 630 yen (S$7.80) sounds like a perfect summer drink – with its rich milk-flavoured panna cotta cream and cantaloupe sauce containing real pieces of melon made with real cantaloupe juice. Topped with luscious amounts of whipped cream and chunky cantaloupe pieces (that you have to slurp up with an extra-wide straw), coupled with the softness of the panna cotta…

Starbucks Singapore, are you reading this?!

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