Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

TL;DR – When you’re sick of just going out to eat and watching movies.

We get it – Singapore can get awfully boring these days for dates. We go to the neighbourhood mall (doesn’t help that EVERY mall is practically the same with the likes of Food Republic, Toast Box and Uniqlo) and maybe catch a movie after that and THAT’S IT.

So here are some ideas we have put together that you can spice up your relationship… even when it isn’t Valentine’s Day.

1. Get your palms read by a fortune-teller at Chinatown.  It might be real, it might be funny – who knows?

2. Go bowling. Because when was the last time you were at the bowling alley?

3. Wake up early on Sunday morning and go on a treetop walk.

It shouldn't be too hot at 7am.
It shouldn’t be too hot at 7am.

4. Read to each other – it should get quite sexy. NOT just in a 50 Shades kind of way.

5. Go on a local food tour: List out all your favourite hawker haunts (or scour the Internet for new ones!) and spend an entire weekend just eating your hearts out.

6. Explore the opposite side of the island i.e. if you live in the East, it’s time to check out Jurong and vice versa!

7. Volunteer together. At Willing Hearts, you can go down to one of their soup kitchens and spend a day helping to prepare, pack and deliver meals to the needy.

Via Willing Hearts Facebook Page
Via Willing Hearts Facebook Page

8. Check out the Salvation Army for some unexpected thrifted treasures you might find.

9. Improvisation: Watch a movie together on mute and make up fun stuff as you go along!

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10. Catch the sunrise at our Bedok Jetty – cliche I know, but when was the last time you actually did it?

East Coast Park Sunrise, Bedok Jetty
East Coast Park Sunrise, Bedok Jetty

11. Book a sleazy hotel at Geylang just for the heck of it.

12. Explore the other Singapore islands (and I don’t mean Sentosa)  – did you know Singapore has over 60 islands?!

13. Drink champagne in the bathtub. You know those Pinterest images? Make them happen.

Luxurious Spa Trends- Anti-Aging Wine Bath from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod 3

14. Creep yourself out big time: Those haunted places from the True Singapore Ghost Stories? Yeah, check them out.

15. Set aside a weekly date with the animals at the SPCA. (Note: New volunteers have to be able to commit for at least 4 months consecutively, on a weekly or fortnightly basis.)

16. Go fly kite.

For real, at Marina Barrage.
For real, at Marina Barrage.

17. Learn how to bake French Macarons.

18. Play miniature golf.

19. Play pool like true blue ah bengs and ah lians at The Cathay.


20. Do it like the movies. Watch the planes take off and land at the double fence near Changi Airport.

By Zahra