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9 Monopoly Editions You Probably Never Heard Of -
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Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

TL;DR – Take mah money now!

We are all too familiar with Monopoly – the property buying/ trading board game that has been around since 1903. But here are some cool variants of the game that we can’t wait to lay our hands (and feet) on – and no, we are not just referring to the Monopoly Uniquely Singapore Edition.

1) Disney Villains Collector’s Edition


This wicked version of Monopoly allows you to buy, sell and trade with all your favourite Disney Villains to emerge as the most evil of them all. Pay rent to Ursula, start a shipping business with Captain Hook, take over Maleficent’s Castle – the possibilities have gotten us all fired up!


Where to buy: Available at Disney Theme Parks and the Disney Store in the USA

2) The Walking Dead Monopoly

Monopoly Gameboard

Buy, sell, trade and backstab in a world of zombies?


Bring it on!

Where to buy: Amazon,

3) Inflatable Monopoly


To play in the pool? I don’t know, I seriously don’t get this. You’d probably have to laminate the cards and dollar bills too.

Where to buy: Amazon

4) Cat Lover’s Monopoly



Where to buy: Amazon

5) Horse Lover’s Monopoly


Cats not your thing? Well, how about horses then?

Where to buy: Amazon

6) One Direction Monopoly


Cause Baby you light up my world like nobody else…

Where to buy: Amazon

7) World of Warcraft Monopoly


Want your gamer boyfriend/ husband to spend offline time with you? I think we’ve got the solution.

Where to buy: Amazon, Gamestop

8) Harry Potter Monopoly


Unfortunately, the very thing that inspired me to write this post turns out NOT to be a legit Monopoly edition. (Crying my heart out now…)

This amazing set was designed and built from scratch by junior high school multimedia and graphic design teacher, Robbie Collett.

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Video on how you can make your Harry Potter Monopoly set here.

9) Game of Thrones Monopoly



Brace yourselves, Winter is coming.

Where to buy: Amazon, HBO Shop


By Zahra