10 Signs You’re Too Old For Your Age

By April 13, 2016Perspectives

TL;DR – My life, old sport, my life… my life has got to be like this.

Yup, your friends have for the longest time called you an “old-soul”, and there are quite a few obvious signs to it.

1. The songs you listen to

Rick Astley

Never gonna give, never gonna give…

2. The clothes you wear


What? Boho dresses are back?! Finally… I’ve had them in my closet since 1995.

3. The peeps you hang out with


They’re all above 45… and you’re like 25…

4. You’re an introspective thinker


And you dish out advice that sounds remotely like what your grandmother would say…

5. You do activities older folks do

giphy (1)

Tai ji, lawn-bowling, and *ahem* line-dancing…

6. You don’t like to go out just for the sake of going out


You know, cos most adult friendships are just figuring out whose turn it is to cancel plans.

7. You don’t see the fuss about the latest craze

It’s 2016 and you own the 1st iPhone that was LAUNCHED IN 2007…

8. You are exhausted and ready for bed by 10 p.m


Whatever happened to party all day and rave all night?!

9. But you like to wake up early and not waste your day with sleep

waking up

The early bird catches the worm, right..?

10.You are so Zen about every. single. thing


I honour the light, love, truth, beauty and peace with you, because it is also within me. Ohh namaste, you motherf*ker…


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