SCDF fights Jurong Island fire, posts about it on Facebook

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TL;DR – A nation of lifesavers or a nation of self-praisers?

Around late afternoon in Singapore, people on Facebook began posting pictures of a large fire at Jurong Island. Presumably from a oil refinery, the fire came up in a large column and was visible from a distance.

At 6.40pm, the SCDF posted a very detailed update of their firefighting efforts, accompanied with pictures and even their own hashtag.


In case you can’t see the Facebook post,

[Fire Update]

SCDF is conducting a firefighting operation at 23 Tembusu Road. The fire involved a tank containing light crude oil measuring about 40m in diameter and 20m in height. Upon SCDF’s arrival, the fire was raging and the in-house company emergency response team (CERT) was already fighting the fire with ground water monitors.

The intensity of the fire caused the affected tank to fold and buckle. The affected tank is contained within a bund wall measuring 100 metres by 150 metres.

SCDF has deployed its large 6000 GPM (gallons per minute) foam monitor to mitigate the fire while utilising several ground water monitors and fixed drencher systems to cool down two near-by oil tanks.

The firefighting operation is still in progress and is expected to be a prolonged operation.


While it makes you wonder whether they brought their own photographer onto the site to promote their social media account (in which case, the subsequent question would be how much are they being paid), Facebook seems to be the popular medium for local forces to show their efforts. It also works extremely well, quelling online panic quickly and effectively.

Sometimes, it does border on self-praise – like that odd hashtag choice. Just yesterday, the Singapore Police Force posted an update about how a police officer rejected a bribe of $10,000, and later arrested the 42 year old lady for trying to bribe a police officer.

[alert color=”green” icon=”fa-question-circle”]Good for you?[/alert]


Meanwhle, leaving you with a video of the fire when it first happened.


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