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TL;DR – Because afternoon tea is so yesterday.

Any girl would understand the importance of that close group of girlfriends or that one close girlfriend, and when you meet up, you know all hell will break loose. But aside from having the usual brunch/dinner/afternoon teas, you all deserve a new way to unwind, relax, and really have a great time.

There’s an extensive (but not exhaustive) list of things that you and your female friends that do together, ranging from Girly AF, to not really girly, but still really cool.


(Need we say more?)

Blowout party


Whoever thought of combining getting your hair done and drinking is a genius. At Blow+Bar, you can get your done and even indulge in their signature permanent blowout that keeps your hair looking amazing for days, while drinking with your friends (wine or bubbly, it’s up to you and on the house). Special packages are even available for larger parties!

Flower arrangement class


You don’t need to wait for a dude to give you a bouquet for flowers, just make one yourself! At the Bloom Room, you can sign up for flower arrangement lessons and learn how to make your favourite florals look gorgeous, and even bring them home at the end of the day. Interestingly, there’s even a scheduled slot in the lesson plan for “photo-taking”, because you know you’ll want to Instagram these creations.

Spa Party


Nothing better for a group of stressed ladies than some real pampering. It’s a staple for hen’s nights, but you really don’t have to wait for someone to get married before you enjoy yourself. Estheva has tons of packages to choose from, and with choices like Chocolat Spa Party and Honey Spa Party, you and your friends will feel like a very relaxed dessert dish. Yum.

Makeup class


Most of us probably learned our makeup skills from our mothers, sister, or the occasional YouTube video, but learning from an expert is a great way to up your makeup game. There are tons of professional makeup artists like Yukiko Lim and schools like The School of Makeup who hold comprehensive classes on personal makeup and skincare.

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Nail art party


Step up the usual manicure sessions with your girls with a full-on nail art party, and get all your nails amped up together with the most amazing designs. Nail salon Manicurious does customisable packages for parties, but if you get six girls together, you can sign up for their “6xy And You Know It”, where you get to book out the whole salon, free flow drinks from their cafe, and a free bottle of wine!

If you’d rather do it in your own home, though, you can hop onto the Vanitee and enlist the help of any of the independent nail artists there for a real steal.

Mildly girly

(It doesn’t scream girly, but you don’t really see guys getting together to learn brush-writing, do you?)

Chocolate Buffet


I know, not all girls love chocolates and sweets, but you have to admit there are a lot of them out there. So if you’re up for just stuffing your face with lots of sugar without judgement, hop over to Fullerton Hotel’s Chocolat Buffet and eat to your heart’s content. You won’t regret it okay your stomach might regret it tomorrow, but its going to be really fun anyway.

Fabric Printing


It’s like an art class on a whole different level. Local textile design studio Fictive Fingers opened up this quirky workshop to teach the basics of fabric printing, which you can either try in your own home if you wish. If not, you leave the class with a patterned piece that is uniquely you, and your friends get to share in the creative process.

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Female self defense


When we say female self defence, we do mean classes that are specially tailored to teach to teach ladies how to throw off a male assailant. It’s sad that we live in a world where this is necessary, but getting your female friends together to get fit and learn useful techniques to stay safe can help you gel in a new way, and bring your spirit of sisterhood to a new level.

Kapap is a close combat style that has its roots in the Israeli military, so you know the classes at Kapap Academy Singapore is serious business.



Ah, the classic picnic. Armed with iced drinks, picnic mats, and finger food, you and your girlfriends can just hang out in the many parks around Singapore while having the time of your life. There are the favourite spots like Botanic Gardens and Marina Barrage, but to give your picnic a new twist, check out the Chinese and Japanese Gardens in Jurong, or the shade-abundant Hort Park.

Brush writing


You’ve seen it on all the Instagram posts, but this time it’s your turn. Drag your friends to create worded art at The Letter J Supply’s brush writing workshops, and make yourself an inspirational poster that you can be proud of. Homework-approved handwriting not included.

Not girly but still really cool

(Great stuff for a girls’ night out, but guys are welcome to steal these suggestions to class up your guys night out!)

The Projector


If you want a change from the usual movies in the cinemas, challenge your artistic sensibilities and check out the specially curated choices of films at indie cinema The Projector. Buy some cider and fries to share and plonk those bums into beanbags for maximum enjoyment.

Learn to Code


Coding is traditionally a man’s game, but women have slowly but surely been staking their place. Communities like SG Geek Girls bring together girls who work in tech or are interested in learning more, and often hold workshops and talks by women in the tech scene. Bring your female friends to any of their gatherings and be awed by the inspiration in the room.

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Sushi-making course


Sushi is amazing. Learning to make your own sushi is even better. At Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore, you can learn how to make your favourite maki, nigiri, and even bentos from professional sushi chefs. Best part — you get to eat what you make after!

Leather crafting


Once you’re done painting and making food, why not make something you can actually use? At leather crafting sessions at Bynd Artisan, you can learn to make all sorts of things from notebooks with leather covers, card holders, and wallets. It’s the edgier workshop you and your friends have been looking for. But if you want a girlier option, you can check out the Maketh Project, where you can learn to make your own shoes!

Wine appreciation class


Wine isn’t necessarily a girly activity, but there’s something to be said about understanding how to appreciate wines, and then drinking lots of it with your friends. Restaurants/bars like Napoleon and Gourmet Plus hold wine appreciation workshops that are both fun and informative. Go ahead and bring your other halves for this, but take my word for it — its pretty great as a girly outing activity.

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