5 x 5: All you need to know this Tuesday 26 April

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TL;DR – The daily news summarised in 5 quick points. 

Introducing our new daily segment, our 5 x 5 articles aim to bring to you what you need to know in Singapore and around the world in 5 quick points, every day at 5pm.

Here’s all you need to know this Tuesday 26 April:

1) Game of Thrones Season 6

Via Techtimes.com

Via Techtimes.com

The much-anticipated TV series premiered its sixth season today with two shock deaths and Melisandre’s big secret. If you’re a GoT fan, we also recommend you read these 19 Hilarious Reactions To The Latest “Game Of Thrones” Twist.

2) The Royal Family’s on YouTube!


Well, sort of. With this adorable video that also carries a powerful message about the importance of mental health.

3)  Couple living in lorry moves into rental flat

Via Lianhe Wanbao

Via Lianhe Wanbao

Remember the delivery man and pregnant wife who had to live in a lorry? They have finally moved into  a two-room flat in Bedok North under HDB’s Interim Rental Housing Scheme.

4) Murali to focus on elderly

Via ChannelNewsAsia

Via ChannelNewsAsia

In the upcoming Bukit Batok by-election, PAP candidate Murali revealed his manifesto to focus on elderly in the constituency, for example, a health cooperative run by doctors and nurses to help families reduce the cost of necessities such milk, vitamins and supplements.

5) Gotta catch them all

Via Parco Art

Via Parco Art

Fans of Pikachu rejoice! A Pokemon Cafe’s coming to Singapore at Bugis Junction from 27 May 2016 to 31 July 2016. The cafe will feature 12 Pokémon themed dishes and a selection of merchandise.


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