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TL;DR – We ARE pretty good people after all!

If anyone tells you that Singaporeans are cynical, callous, and unfriendly, then instead of slapping them, tell them nicely that is not the case. Aside from a few exceptions (cough Jover Chew cough), Singaporeans can be kind and sweet and rise to the occasion.

Don’t believe me? Here are 7 stories of good samaritans in Singapore that will make you feel all warm and tingly.

Lost tablet

Credit: Stomper Lau Lup
Credit: Stomper Lau Lup

How far would you go to return a lost tablet? In an effort to find the owner of a lost ASUS tablet, this man posted a notice at a bus stop between Blocks 33 and 34 in Whampoa with a picture of the tablet along with his own contact details. While we’re curious why the notice comes with a timeframe to call by, it’s undeniable that the guy went through a lot of effort to post this notice. (Source)

Love to homeless couple

Credit: Daniel Neo for Straits Times
Credit: Daniel Neo for Straits Times

In early March, Lianhe Zaobao and My Paper released an article on the life of Wang Baohua and his pregnant wife, who lived in a lorry parked near Changi Beach, washing up at nearby public toilets and cooking on the back of their vehicle. After the article was published, Wang shared that there was an outpour of generosity, with many Singaporeans seeking them out at Changi Beach with offers of food and even money.

Since then, My Paper has reported that the couple has moved into a rental flat at Bedok North with the help of HDB, and they plan to apply for BTO after their child is born.

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“This experience really moved me and let me see how warm people can be,” said Mr Wang. (Source)

Model student in the rain

Credit: STOMP
Credit: STOMP

Taking public transport can be very stressful, especially when it starts raining. That’s why acts of kindness that occur then are so heartwarming.

This Ang Mo Kio resident shared a story about a student who took the time to use his umbrella to shelter passengers to get from the crowded bus stop onto the bus. In total, he sheltered 15 people, before heading on his way.

“This student is awesome and his parents and teachers must feel proud of his deed,” the resident shared, along with a photograph of the same student after seeing him at the Ang Mo Kio MRT with the same umbrella next to him. (Source)

Another model student in the rain

Credit: Anaid Quinn

And if you thought that was the only occurrence of helpful students sheltering bus passengers, this same thing happened! This time with an ITE CC student. Facebook user Anaid Quinn shared this Facebook post thanking the student, with a sneaky photograph. (Source)

Youth helps cardboard collecting uncle

Credit: Wei Da

Facebook user Wei Da shared this heartwarming occurrence that he saw from his car, of a young man helping an elderly uncle with his trolley of cardboard boxes. The young man even held onto the uncle who was having trouble walking. After having the natural reaction of any Singaporean in 2016 of taking photos of the occurrence, Wei Da snapped himself out of it and then stepped out to help the uncle. He also expressed his admiration to this guy, even taking a selfie. Of course. (Source)

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ITE students help change tyres

Credit: @Nigersaurus on Twitter

Twitter user @Nigersaurus shared this Twitter post of ITE students helping a taxi driver change his tires, along with two photographs of the good deed. Now who says you’ll be too young to help? (Source)

Flowers for good

Credit: Wu Jiezhen
Credit: Wu Jiezhen

What happens to the flowers after the wedding is over? Usually, they’ll end up getting trashed, but The Hidden Good director Wu Jiezhen decided that they needed a new life. With a group of volunteers, Wu brought over a 100 flower arrangements to Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home 李亞妹安老院 on Easter Sunday. Since then, she’s helped organise yet another #FloralFunday, repurposing and delivering 250 bouquets to the Lion’s Home for the Elders in Bishan with a larger group of volunteers and the support of three pairs of newlyweds.

If you’re getting married soon, reach out to her to donate your flowers, and make someone else’s day amazing! (Source)


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