5 x 5: Dining naked in a restaurant, recordable contact lens plus other news.

By April 30, 20165 x 5

TL;DR – News from Singapore and around the world, summarised in 5 quick points daily at 5pm.

1) PrimaDeli apologises and sacks staff who made racist remarks

In a nutshell, Facebook user Sarah Carmariah mentioned that she had went for a interview at a “well-known halal bakery” to apply to be a cake decorator.

She didn’t mention the bakery but PrimaDeli outed itself with the following “clarification” posted on their Facebook page:

Followed by another post stating that they have dismissed said staff member:

2) London’s having a naked restaurant

Via Getty Images

Via Getty Images

Imagine dining with no chemicals, no artificial colours, no electricity, no gas, no phone and even no clothes? That’s the concept behind The Bunyadi – Hindi for ‘base’ or ‘natural’ – that will have a naked and non-naked section, where diners can “experience true liberation“. Good luck in getting a reservation though – the current waiting list stands at 30,000.

3) Fu-time or not?

Via yahoo

Via yahoo

So yesterday saw the first rallies for both People Action Party’s Murali Pillai and Singapore Democratic Party’s Chee Soon Juan where PAP’s Grace Fu brought this up,

[blocktext align=”centre”]“He (Chee) wants to be a full-time MP. As far as I know, he has not held a full-time job for a long time.”[/blocktext]


4) Erm, X-men era coming up?

In the US state of Washington, a man failed his paternity test because his unborn brother is the baby of his child.


5) Contact lenses that can record and play back videos

According to this Facebook video, Sony is developing contact lenses capable of recording and playing back video.




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