5 x 5: Singaporean sentenced to death in Vietnam plus other news you need to know this May Day

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1) May Day

Via straitstimes.com

Via straitstimes.com


At the annual May Day rally held this year at Downtown East, labour chief Chan Chun Sing spoke about the labour movement stepping up efforts to help Singaporeans upgrade and reskill so that we can increase productivity and continue to get good wages. The NTUC has also partnered Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to set up the College of Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE) where working adults including PMETs will get a $200 million boost from the labour movement and Government to access undergraduate-level classes as well as personal development and enrichment courses in areas ranging from creative thinking to financial management for part-time study starting this August. Some other key points from PM Lee Hsien Loong’s May Day rally speech can be found here.

2) Rally Updates

The SDP will be holding another rally tonight at Bukit Gombak Stadium from 7pm to 10pm.

Both PAP and SDP will not be holding rallies tomorrow, Monday May 2.

3) Singaporean sentenced to death in Vietnam for heroin-trafficking

Lee Loke Dah, 40, has been given the death sentence for trafficking 2.5kg of heroin into Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat International Airport. He had apparently tried to disguise the drugs as peanuts and durian candy but was caught upon further inspection.

4) 4 suspected illegal immigrants arrested yesterday

Via channelnewsasia.com

A speedboat suspected of being used for smuggling illegal immigrants and duty unpaid cigarettes was seized on Saturday Apr 30. (Via channelnewsasia.com)

Four suspected illegal immigrants aged between 23 and 39 were arrested yesterday in Singapore waters along with 532 cartons of duty unpaid cigarettes.

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5) BAKE Cheese Tart

Via dairycream.blogspot.com

Via dairycream.blogspot.com

If you haven’t already heard, the legendary BAKE cheese tart from Japan has opened its doors at ION Orchard and if you have nothing to do this long weekend, then maybe you would want to partake in our national hobby of queuing. Queues are about two-hour long so perhaps it could be a better idea to hop on a flight to Thailand and purchase it from the Bangkok store instead?


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