5 x 5: Hello Gudetama Airlines, Goodbye Goody Feed and all you need to know

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TL;DR – Everything you need to know, summarised for you daily at 5pm.

1) All aboard Gudetama Airlines!

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The latest Gudetama attraction has now hit Tokyo where you get to board the Gudetama Airline which though not an actual airplane, you’ll get to experience Gudetama flight attendants, fake food resembling in-flight meals featuring the ‘lazy egg’ and finally the baggage claim area before arrival at Gude-land.

2) ThnksFrThMmrs

Remember Goody Feed? (Don’t worry, you’re not missing out much if you don’t…)

Via vulcanpost.com

Via vulcanpost.com

It seems that the lifestyle site is no longer accessible on Facebook and users can no longer post Goody Feed links on Facebook, indicating that the social media site has blocked their content.

3) ISA arrests of 8 Bangladeshis

Via straitstimes.com

Via straitstimes.com

The eight Bangladeshi nationals who were part of the secret group called the Islamic State in Bangladesh (ISB) and detained under the Internal Security Act were issued with two-year Orders of Detention said the Ministry of Home Affairs today.

4) Surgeon Tryouts in Japan

This video circulating on Facebook appears to chronicle the process of surgeon tryouts in Japan. With some really unconventional tests such as having to fold a 5mm crane origami in 15 minutes, it is actually quite baffling – but then again, this is Japan we are talking about.

5) Leicester City wins Premier League


Danny Drinkwater, here celebrating with Leonardo Ulloa, right, after the striker’s last-minute equaliser against West Ham, was made a mainstay of the team to terrific effect. He was unable to get into the side at the end of last season. Photograph: Tom Jenkins (Via The Guardian)

In what is said to be a “beautiful story” and “fairytale” in the football world, football club Leicester winning the Premier League title is practically the “most unlikely triumph in the history of team sport” and “the biggest thing ever in football”.


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