5 x 5: Rice likely to cause diabetes and Tharman’s last word

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1) Tomorrow’s D-Day

Via straitstimes.com

Via straitstimes.com

Tomorrow Bukit Batok voters go to the poll and if you haven’t been following much about the action between People’s Action Party’s (PAP) Murali Pillai and Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) Chee Soon Juan, here’s a good rundown of events that took place these few weeks.

2) Tharman’s last word

Via channelnewsasia.com

Via channelnewsasia.com

To quote a female friend, Tharman was great last night. And we thoroughly agree.

3) Rice is more likely to cause diabetes than sugary drinks

Via straitstimes.com

Via straitstimes.com

As found out by the health authorities, starchy white rice can overload our bodies with blood sugar and increase our risk of diabetes.

4) Einstein once visited Bedok

Via YouTube

Via YouTube

Did you know – Albert Einstein once visited Singapore in 1923, specifically Bedok where he was impressed by the coconut palms in Frankel Estate.

5) Descendants of the Sun

We know we are a little late to jump onto the DOTS bandwagon, but if you’re as clueless as us, then perhaps this is the ONE clip you have to watch:

Happy weekend, folks!


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