Singapore Airlines stewardess meticulously helps 92 year old lady on flight

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TL;DR – Singapore girl, you’re a great way to fly.

Thanks to Facebook, once again we are reminded of the dedicated service of our national carrier.

User Shazy Tan shared on Facebook about her flight Singapore to Frankfurt on Singapore Airlines when she was seated next to a 92 year old lady, Draga, who was flying alone despite her age.

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

As Draga was diabetic, she had to inject herself with insulin but had accidentally injected too much. According to Shazy, when stewardess Karen Choong learned about Draga’s situation, she had suggested an apple to bring up her sugar levels and got down “on her knees in her SQ kebaya” to “cut the apple into bite sized pieces” and “patiently assisted Draga even wanting to feed Draga”.

Before she left them, Karen informed Shazy quietly to call for her immediately if she noticed Draga’s health deteriorating. Shazy also noticed that Karen had taken note of their seats which she says, “I assumed it was to alert her to rush over if our call button lighted up.”

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

Thanks again to the Internet, we have identified this air stewardess who Shazy had hoped to reach out to so she can “read about how her actions have affected Draga’s life and mine too”.




Singapore girl, you’re a great way to fly indeed.

Here’s the entire Facebook post:


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