5 x 5: Fifty shades the Korean way plus other news you need to know

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TL; DR – Everything you need to know, summarised for you daily at 5pm.

1) Final Hours

Via channelnewsasia.com

Via channelnewsasia.com

Voting is happening right now as you read this at nine polling stations in Bukit Batok for the Bukit Batok by-election. Polls close at 8pm and may the best man win.

2) 50 Shades of Korea

This parody video titled Fifty Shades of Grey (Korea version) has gotten us laughing like cray, never mind that we don’t understand a word of Korean at all.

3) Swim, Pin Xiu, Swim

Via todayonline.com

Via todayonline.com

Singapore’s first Paralympic gold medallist, Yip Pin Xiu, broke the world record at the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) European Open Championships for the women’s 100m (S2) backstroke on Wednesday (May 4). Two days later, she broke another record – this time round for the women’s 50m (S2) backstroke category.

Go, Team Singapore!

4) Angela Lee now youngest-ever MMA champion

Via evolve-mma.com

Via evolve-mma.com

In more sports-related news, teen fighter Angela Lee beat Japan’s Mei Yamaguchi in yesterday’s mixed martial arts (MMA) One Championship competition to become the youngest-ever champion.

5) Australia – Singapore Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP)


Via myukbuys.files.wordpress.com

Via myukbuys.files.wordpress.com

Singapore and Australia have just concluded an agreement that will further enhance partnership between both countries. This includes easier travel for Singaporeans to Australia, more universities degrees from Australia to be recognised in Singapore and the SAF to get expanded military training access and training areas in Australia.


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