5 x 5: Of Drugs, Love, Hatred, Death and Freedom

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1) Over S$65,000 worth of heroin seized at Checkpoint

The reward must be lucrative or the runners’ situation dire for them to risk the death penalty to smuggle 940g of heroin into Singapore. Bundled into two bags, the heroin was discovered behind the glove compartment of the car by the ICA officers in the morning of 7 May.

The Misuse of Drugs Act carries a death penalty if amount of diamorphine (pure heroine) trafficked is over 15g.

Who would have thought a cute-looking car like this would be carrying lethal items like that?

via Channelnewsasia.com

Car driven by the 24yo Malaysian male arrested at Woodlands Checkpoint (via CNB/CNA)

Source: Channel News Asia

2) On to happier news, it’s Mothers’ Day!

Have you celebrated this special day with mumsy? It’s not too late!

For now, send her some love with Facebook’s Thankful reaction button, released just for Mothers’ Day! Using this button will release a sea of purple flowers all over your screen!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers out there!

via Facebook

via Facebook

3) Award-winning Ivy League Prof interrogated for doing Math

The 40yo prof, Guido Menzio, in question is Italian. Even if his head of dark curls, his olive skin and foreign accent didn’t raise eyebrows, his scribbling in ‘exotic language’ certainly did. The female passenger seated next to him was alarmed enough to alert the crew.


Flight was delayed and the entire plane of passengers just waited and waited, until the pilot came to escort the prof off the plane for questioning.

Turned out the prof was scribbling math, and not some special secret terrorist code. After a two-hour delay, the plane finally took to the skies for the 41-minute flight from Philadephia to Syracuse.

Source: Washington Post

4) We lost a good bus captain, and she lost the love of her life

Miss Khairunisa Illyasha (23) was looking forward to a happy future with her finance, Mr Noor Helmee Roslan (23) after their wedding that was supposed to take place yesterday.

But it was not to be. He was on his way from JB into Singapore to start work last Friday morning when he got into an accident on the SLE on his bike. Mr Helmee’s injuries were so severe that he was taken off life support and then laid to rest.

via TNP

via TNP

R.I.P, Mr Helmee,
And be strong, Miss Khairunisa!

Source: The New Paper

5) Murali’s 61.21% win in the Bukit Batok By-election

Of course, we can’t wrap this week up without mentioning Mr Murali Pillai’s win last night. The people of Bukit Batok have spoken.

After thanking his supporters at the Bukit Gombak Stadium last night, Dr Chee Soon Juan expressed his frustration (interestingly, to the media) that it was not a fair fight. He said that he would have a higher count of votes had the mainstream media been fair and what he’d referred to the ‘state machinery’ was not against him.

Makes us wonder exactly how much influence mainstream media reporting has over how the Bukit Batok residents voted. Another school of thought advocates that Chee is up against his own past, and not really against Murali or even the PAP.

Who’s wrong, and who’s right?


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