5 x 5: Curry sausages by Volkswagen, shiok not?

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1) Did you know, Volkswagen sells sausages too?

Photo: AFP via todayonline.com

Photo: AFP via todayonline.com

Yes, the car manufacturer of the iconic Beetle also apparently sells curry sausages. Their very own “Currywurst”, based on a recipe dating back to 1973 is sold at greasy spoons, railway stations and at Volkswagen’s headquarters in Wolfsburg in Germany. The brand sold a whopping 7.2 million sausages in 2015.

2) Emma Watson Named In Panama Papers

Via express.co.uk

Via express.co.uk

According to The Spectator, the Harry Potter star’s name appears in the online Offshore Leaks Database that was updated on Monday night. ‘Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson’ is said to be a beneficiary in an offshore company based in the British Virgin Islands.

3) Ang moh, lepak and teh tarik make it to the Oxford English Dictionary – Shiok not?

Several words and phrases commonly used in Singapore have been included in the Oxford English Dictionary in the March update. These include: ang moh, blur, char siu, chilli crab, Chinese helicopter, hawker centre, HDB, killer litter, lepak (as a noun), lepak (verb), lepaking, shiok, sabo (noun), sabo (verb), sabo king, sotong, teh tarik, wah and wet market.

4) It pays to look good

Literally. According to labour economist Daniel Hamermes, better-looking people enjoy higher earnings and are more likely to be employed, be promoted more quickly, find it easier to obtain bank loans, and have more physically attractive and higher-educated spouses.

5) Instagram changes its logo and people are not happy

Via vulcanpost.com

Via vulcanpost.com

The mobile photo-sharing social media platform changed its logo today with its latest update and the Internet is going crazy – not in a good way.

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Screenshot 2016-05-12 17.33.03

Screenshot 2016-05-12 17.33.32

And my favourite comment,

Screenshot 2016-05-12 17.36.19



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