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TL;DR – Everything you need to know, summarised for you at 5pm daily.

1) British or American passport no longer the most powerful

Via atlasandboots.com

Via atlasandboots.com

In the latest 2016 rankings, the most powerful passport to have will be that of Germany and Sweden that can access 157 countries without a visa or by obtaining one on arrival. Singapore’s ranked 14th with the accessibility to 154 countries.

2) Domino’s Pizza saves loyal customer’s life

In the town of Salem of Oregon, USA, Kirk Alexander regularly orders a pizza every day. The Domino’s Pizza delivery team found it weird that he hasn’t ordered any in 11 days and the store’s general manager, Sarah Fuller, decided to do some investigating. One driver headed to Alexander’s house where he found the lights and television on but no one came to answer the door. They then called 911 where the officers forced entry and found Alexander in need of immediate medical attention. He was quickly taken to Salem Hospital and is now in stable condition.

3) Japanese company gives old toys new limbs to raise awareness of child organ transplants

Via rocketnews24.com

Via rocketnews24.com

This initiative by Second Life Toys hopes to change people’s minds about organ donation by given broken stuffed animals a new life with donations from other toys.

4) If Mediacorp cast can speak Singlish & dialects in local dramas

A lot more entertaining than what’s currently on Channel 8 lah, no?

5) Pulau Ubin hosts five-week open house festival

Via Straits Times

Via Straits Times

Pulau Ubin is hosting an open house called Pesta (Malay for festival or party) Ubin that will start tomorrow and run for five weeks. Activities include nature walks and cycling tours to kayaking expeditions and nature sketching and you can find out more at pestaubin2016.blogspot.sg


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