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1. To Kiasu or not to Kiasu, that is the Question

VIa Kuik-Shao-yin

VIa Kuik-Shao-yin

Nominated MP, Kuik Shiao-yin, who is also the Creative Director at The Thought Collective had first mooted the idea of how Singaporeans should learn to be less kiasu during her Budget 2016 speech in early April.

Still on this topic, she continued to give a lively interview on 938Live where she shared more of her thoughts on how our kiasu-siam and the ‘national habit of fear’ had resulted in huge trade-offs in human development, manpower and time and dollars spent. She believes that we all have a personal choice in the way we write our own stories.

Now, read this heartfelt response to Kuik’s interview by a parent, Cindy Ng.

Updated: Ms Kuik has responded here.

2. From Singapore to Moscow and back, in 169 days

Via Boh Ze Kai

Via Boh Ze Kai

Trio from Singapore have visited 40 cities and provinces in over 10 countries so far, all on buses, boats and horses. All part of their 169-day expedition, Exercise Silkroad.

These lads, all from Raffles Institute, had completed their national service last December and embarked on this journey from 26 January. They planned to travel from Singapore to China through South-east Asian countries, before crossing Central Asia to Iran and then cutting through Eastern Europe to final destination Moscow, all without flights. They will fly back from Moscow to Singapore in June or July. Before you go thinking these boys are splurging in an ultra-expensive trip, they’re working on a $8,000 budget each, rather modest for six-month trip of this scale.

By the way, Boh, all of 20 years old, can speak eight(!) languages – English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Turkish and Russian!

3. Chee vs Chiam

Just when we thought we could have a less political weekend, the Singapore Democratic Party held a media conference yesterday afternoon.

Declaring war on Mr Chiam See Tong? Or just trying to clear up the facts from yester-years? The verdict is still out there.

Meanwhile, Mrs Lina Chiam has said to wait for the Chiams to bare all in their work-in-progress book.

4. Adultery in Singapore: It’s not just the men

Via Huffingtonpost.com

Via Huffingtonpost.com

According to a Straits Times report, a noticeable number of marriages in Singapore break down because of an unfaithful spouse: the wife. These days, about half of infidelity cases that family lawyers and private investigators deal with are because of the women. Compared to a decade ago, only about 20-30% of infidelity cases were because of the women.

5. Spooky sighting along PIE towards BKE

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

This has been going around online. So, who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters?


(Featured image via Instagram/ExerciseSilkRoad)



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