5×5: Who’s Aunty Jamaliah, How did Nasi Lemak get its name plus other stories

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1. “Aunty Jamaliah was a part of our community.”



Aunty Jamaliah had been operating a Malay food-stall operator at St Joseph’s Institution International (SJII) since 2009. A serious accident back in February left her recovering in Pearl’s Hill Care Home with an injured leg. The SJII students noticed her absence, found out about her plight and sprang to action. The students started organising activities, including car-wash services, selling juices and busking, to raise funds for Aunty Jamaliah. While the fund-raising is still on-going, they have raised at least $50,000 for now. A SJII spokeperson said,

“It will provide Madam Jamaliah with money every month and help pay for expenses not covered by insurance or social welfare schemes.”

2. How did Nasi Lemak get its name?

Via iRememberSG

Via iRememberSG

More Singapore memories here.

3. Everybody is curious about GIC

GIC, the Government Investment Corporation, is arguably one of the most misunderstood entities around town. It has everything to do with how Singapore manages its reserves and how we safeguard our future. Did you know that an interactive E-book App was launched last Friday?

Yup, the story behind the creation of GIC and other stories all told in an app. The visuals are pretty awesome too!

Via BusinessTimes

Via BusinessTimes

Download the e-Book here.

4. JJ Lin jamming with Apple’s Tim Cook

Homegrown Mandopop star JJ Lin posted a video of him jamming with Apple’s Tim Cook today on the newly-updated GarageBand app. According to TODAYonline, the update will add traditional Chinese instruments, such as the pipa, erhu and Chinese percussion, along with 300 Apple-created Chinese musical loops into the app, which will then allow users to create their own music. The app has also expanded its sharing options to include popular Chinese social networks QQ and Youku.


5. No ugly women, only lazy ones

Helena Rubenstein said,

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.”

If you’re not convinced, this will change your mind. Over 6 million views and still counting!



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