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1. When will we be obsolete?

Via Bentopliss.com

Via Bentopliss.com

Mary is a regional marketing head for a luxury brand. Throughout her career, she has been using traditional marketing channels such as print ads, outdoor ad placements or blow-the-line activities and events to reach out to her targeted audience groups. Over the past few months, her boss has been pushing her to understand and engage in digital marketing and for her to ‘implement digital strategy. The thing is, there is actually no such thing as a digital strategy anymore. It’s now all about having strategies in a digital world. What’s in Mary’s head?

“I only expected myself to be obsolete in the job market in 15 more years, I didn’t know it’s this soon.”

The scariest part? Mary is in her early 30s and is representative of the PMEs in Singapore. Yes, that’s people like you and me. Read more here.

2. Indonesia sets new rules on sending maids abroad

Via Straitstimes.com

Via Straitstimes.com

Indonesia says it will stop sending new live-in maids abroad from next year. Its authorities want domestic workers to live separately from their employers in dormitories, work regular hours, and get public holidays and days off. The move is part of Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s plan to professionalise informal employment. A road map to stop sending Indonesian maids abroad by next year was announced by the previous administration in 2012, amid worries about maids being mistreated. The initiative will affect only new workers. Maids already working in households abroad who are happy with their employers can extend their visas.

FYI, Indonesia is the biggest source country for maids in Singapore, with around 125,000 working here.

3. Zouk stays in Jiak Kim Street for six more months

Via Channelnewsasia.com

Via Channelnewsasia.com

Party people rejoice! Popular and loooong-time (24 years!) nightclub Zouk will delay its relocation plans from Jiak Kim Street to Clarke Quay. Responding to media queries from Channel NewsAsia, a spokesperson from Zouk said the 24-year-old night club is “looking to move (at) the end of the year as of now”.

4. Coconuts to cost more

Coconut on a tropical beach

Coconuts in hot demand

Although coconuts tend to cost a little more during this period as hot and dry weather hits supplies, the price increase has been steeper than usual this year. Well, the extremely hot weather in Thailand is one factor, and also the rise in global popularity and demand for the fruit have also driven prices up. But the good news is that the price increase may be short-lived; most importers believe that said prices will return to normal by end June as weather conditions in Thailand improve. Read more here.

5. Best Japan promotional film in recent times?

Hello Tokyo from Christoph Gelep on Vimeo.

A guy by the name of Christoph Gelep took a 5-day trip to Tokyo earlier this year and this fantastic video was born! Using a clever mix of time-lapse and slow-mo, Gelep takes us on a whirlwind tour of some of Tokyo best sightseeing spots as well as featuring the kind of everyday scenes.

Take me to Japan!


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