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TL;DR – Let’s give something authentic and real #OneShot

If you work around the Raffles Place area, you would have either heard or seen a small coffee joint called One Shot Coffee next to the entrance of Prudential Tower.


Well, its owner took to Facebook to put up a passionate plea for support.

Apparently, its landlord at Prudential towers is not likely to renew their lease so that it can offer the space to another tenant. One Shot Coffee also asked its loyal customers and followers, which currently stands at 1,709 for support by posting comments about why the coffee joint should stay. As at the time of publishing, there were more than 50 comments.


According to its owner Ms Danielle Nicholas, they are in the midst of discussing with the landlord to allow them to stay put. In fact, they have already put in a proposal for the renewal of license.

The joint receives quite a steady flow of customers. I sat at a nearby bus stop one morning and observed around 25 customers within 10 minutes.

What sets One Shot Coffee apart from other coffee joints is their ability to connect with and know their customers. Most customers I observed had to just pass the staff their loyalty cards to “punch”, without the need to say out their coffee orders. Here’s what Ms Danielle shared with us,

“We have worked extremely hard to deliver a product we believed people wanted. We have friendly staff who know our customers like friends – they know their orders before they even arrive at the counter.

We stick to what we are good at – coffee. We aren’t trying to be all things to all people. Our primary goal is to give you a great cup of coffee. This was hard to find some 2.5 years ago when we first opened.”

And if you think they are all about making money, then that’s where you are wrong. They pay their team well too. “I believe we have the best team in Singapore…They are all remunerated above market rates which is exactly what they deserve. If this business cannot survive without underpaying people then I want no part of it,” she says.


Neither is One Shot Coffee fazed by the immense competition seen across the many coffee outlets within its vicinity. There are at least 4 other coffee outlets which are about a stone’s throw away from Prudential Tower.

“I believe there is a place for take away coffee, particularly when it is very good. I think you need to be clear about what you want to be good at. I for one didn’t want a full service kitchen and a large number of tables. I just wanted to give CBD workers good coffee,” she explained.

On the support given by its loyal customer base, Ms Danielle is very grateful and humbled by the number of comments. At the same time she says she is not surprised as they know what they do.

But sadly, she says, it is quite common that landlords are not very “tenant-friendly”.

“Time after time an amazing tenant gets pushed out for more money or for a friend of the landlord. It’s very short sighted because majority of the time the landlord gets a percentage of gross turnover and so they really take a gamble that the next business is going to work.”

“It seems that many of the landlords would rather a tenant with a big fancy name which actually isn’t supporting local and nor is it actually what people want. I firmly believe that there is a shift away from big mass chains and that people want something authentic and real.”

We are apparently not the only ones to feel sad and upset about this whole episode. Someone had just created a Facebook page in support of One Shot. Check it out here and help spread the word if you too think that they deserve #OneShot.




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