5×5: Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet, Radiohead’s Creep & More

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1. PSA: Pek Kio Food Centre closed for two days

Following over 180 cases of gastroenteritis, or stomach flu, being reported in the area since last Monday, NEA has ordered for the food centre to close for cleaning for two days. Yup, clean-up includes cleaning of all utensils and disinfection of all dining tables and chairs, food preparation surfaces, walls and floors. You can head back for your fave hokkien mee and carrot cake from Friday.

And oh, here’s an informative read on the five things you need to know about the stomach flu.


2. POTUS Obama reminds us all not to believe everything we read on the Internet

US President Barack Obama talks to Vietnamese youths at the GEM Center in Ho Chi Minh City on May 25, 2016. Image: EPA via Straits Times

US President Barack Obama talks to Vietnamese youths at the GEM Center in Ho Chi Minh City on May 25, 2016. Image: EPA via Straits Times

After teaching the world what Bun Cha is, US President Obama held one of his trademark town hall gatherings with hundreds of young people in Ho Chi Minh. Here are some gems from the lively session,

“Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”

“If you try to suppress the arts then you are suppressing the deepest dreams and aspirations of a people,”

“As I got older I realised that instead of worrying about the father who wasn’t there, I should start worrying more about what can I do to take more responsibility for my own life,”

3. Thanks for the memories, IQ!


One thing that I realised within months of starting IQ was how challenging it is to start-up and sustain momentum in an online socio-political site, especially if you want to ensure quality and rigour. I have gained new found respect for those who pioneered discussions in the online space and managed to keep it going for years. In particular, I salute TOC. It is especially challenging if you want to avoid sensationalizing and win the trust of the viewers and the establishment, alike.

We feel a little sad since there really aren’t many good socio-political sites around. Not many that aren’t at the either polar ends of supporting all things white and bashing all things white. Did you know that one of our regular writers Flora has attended the BBBE discussion session not too long ago?

Thanks and goodbye, IQ! We’ll miss you!

4. Save Dakota Crescent

Dakota Cresecent via Straitstimes.com

Dakota Cresecent via Straitstimes.com

Just as we blogged about losing Dakota Crescent a few days ago, we just found out today that a group of architects is piecing together a conservation paper to save parts of Dakota Crescent.

The group is led by Mr Jonathan Poh.

“This is a unique estate. You don’t see such open space architectural plans elsewhere in Singapore. Our plan aims to keep Dakota Crescent’s distinctive features like its iconic blocks, large courtyards and streetscape.”

5. Creeeeeeep!

Every band has that one song that everybody loves, but the band hates. For Radiohead, it’s their first hit single, “Creep”. In fact, they hate it so much they refer to the song as ‘crap’. The last time they performed it live was back in 2009! But to the fans’ delight, they just played it again at a recent concert.

(Featured image via NEA)


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