5×5: Five years since RSAF Open House, Five Hours’ wait for Pokemon & more Friday stories

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1. Missed the RSAF Open House?


What?! You missed the RSAF OPEN HOUSE after we told you how good it’s gonna be? Fret not, you can check out this vid to catch up on what you missed last weekend.

2.Pokemon-theme cafe opened to great fanfare


The Pokemon-themed cafe opened today! The pop-up 60-seat cafe will operate from today till 31 July. Its first day saw hundreds of people waiting in queue this morning. At around 10:30am, there were around 200 people queuing, and staff told Straits Times the wait was estimated to be at least five hours.

3. Prank in Museum

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

Someone thought it would be a good idea to drop a pair of glasses on the floor in a museum. And yes, people were pranked into thinking it’s art.

4. Too racist for words

This TV commercial for Qiaobi (俏比), a laundry detergent brand from China. What were they thinking?

5. Eat with your family today!


(Featured image via Floraisabelle.com)


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