Umbrella lady in workshop fight between neighbours

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TL;DR – An angry woman is a scary woman.

We included the workshop fight that had netizens in both Singapore and Malaysia talking in our 5×5 today. The fight is apparently between a workshop at Pioneer Point and its neighbour, an insurance company.

Here, the video from the workshop’s CCTV.

These videos, believed to be taken with cellphones, were also uploaded. The by-now-pretty-famous Umbrella Lady is fairly fluent in Hokkien vulgarities, so considered yourself warned.

Video Part 1
Video Part 2

Channel 8 reported more details. They’ve unearthed old Facebook posts from a Cindy Soh, who appears to be a staff from the workshop. The posts date back to January. While we’re not sure what had caused the neighbours to behave in such an unneighbourly manner (parking issues?), but trouble has been brewing for a few months.

Here are all the related posts from Miss Soh.





The police was called in, and three men were sent to the Ng Teng Fong Hospital.

(Featured image via Stomp)


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