Why Changi Airport could possibly be the best place to work in the world

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TL;DR – Will work for bungalow stay.

Changi Airport was recently named World’s Best Airport. But not only is it the best airport to fly out from according to international standards, it is apparently one of the best places to work at in Singapore!

According to a Randstad survey done last month, Changi Airport Group (CAG) is the most attractive employer in Singapore.

Shopping & Dining Terminal 1 Transit - Shopping Street

You know how going to the airport gives you this rush of adrenaline every time you pass through the immigration counters and in to the air-side?

But what’s it really like to be a part of the 1,800 staff of the world’s best airport?

Ms Goh Hwai Kar (left), Mr Eddie Chin (right)

Ms Goh Hwai Kar (left), Mr Eddie Chin (right)

We spoke with CAG’s Ms Goh Hwai Kar, Vice-President, People Team and Mr Eddie Chin to find out about what’s so special about working with the most attractive employer in Singapore.

(Pstt, boy were we surprised to find out there’s a childcare centre within the airport itself!)

What makes CAG stand out from the rest of the employers?

Ms Goh: The airport is a very exciting place to work at, with diverse and interesting job scopes and many opportunities for career development. Changi Airport’s distinct brand identity also helps significantly in our efforts to promote CAG as an employer of choice to talent.

A big part of what makes Changi Airport what it is to date lies in our People, also what we coin as Terminal H, the “Heart ware” of this organisation.

Airport Staff & Community Washroom Cleaners

Mr Chin: CAG has given my colleagues and I opportunities and challenges at work which keep us deeply engaged with the company. The company has also been very generous with the medical and flexible benefits, which I can use for my kids as well.

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Having access to subsidised rates for a resort/bungalow stay puts the icing on the cake!

How does CAG enable its employees to grow in their career?

Photo: traveldailynews.asia

Photo: traveldailynews.asia

Ms Goh: Here at CAG, we support our employees in their personal and professional growth, and encourage them to take ownership of their careers.

At the start of each year, employees will have career conversations with their supervisors to discuss about their aspirations and to come up with development plans together to help them reach their goals.

Due to the diverse nature of our airport operations, we also provide opportunities for employees who wish to develop and learn about other aspects of the business as well.

What forms of Flexible-Work Arrangements does CAG provide its employees?

Ms Goh: To give an example of flexible working arrangements available at our workplace, we allow employees to report to work at staggered work hours, if the need arises. This flexibility gives employees the opportunity to start work earlier or later should they have pressing personal and family commitments.

We also have a childcare centre at the airport, where our employees enjoy subsidised rates.  Having a childcare centre located in close proximity allows our working parents to have the convenience of easy picking up/dropping off as well as the flexibility to visit their children during lunch time if needed, giving them peace of mind.

Mr Chin: Having a childcare centre at the airport helps a lot. With this proximity and flexible work arrangements with my bosses, I’m able to be involved in my children’s learning journey and have regular meet-ups with the teachers.

On days when my children are sick and I have pressing deadlines to meet, there is also an option for me to work from home.

Airport Staff & Community Duty Terminal Managers

How does CAG put the word ‘Fun’ into their jobs?

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Ms Goh: The working environment plays a big part in making our jobs fun!  The airport is inherently a very fun environment to work in, and that certainly gives our employees the added spring beneath their heels when they go to work everyday.

We have also broadened our internal communication efforts using social media. More recently, we launched the CAG in-touch app, an internal communication platform. This app allows employees to share about anything under the sun with the rest of their colleagues in CAG.

Mr Chin: CAG organises a Family Day every 2 years (alternating with Dinner & Dance), and has generously extended complimentary invites to family members as well. We are allowed to leave earlier on the day so as to prepare ourselves for the fun day ahead. There is no doubt that family members of CAG employees enjoyed themselves thoroughly at the end of each Family Day.



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