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1. You can’t smoke in reservoirs and over 400 parks now

Reservoirs and more than 400 parks, including those in private and public housing estates, have been added to the list of smoke-free areas with effect from today. Previously, smoking was prohibited in 32,000 places such as shopping malls, cinemas and hospitals.

2. National Wages Council (NWC) recommended a monthly wage increment of S$50 to S$65

via Channelnewsasia

via Channelnewsasia

Formed in 1972, the National Wages Council (NWC) is a tripartite body comprising representatives from the three social partners – the employers, the trade unions and the Government. The Council meets every year to deliberate and forge national consensus on wage and wage-related matters. It issues guidelines on these matters every year based on the tripartite consensus reached during the deliberations.

This year, the National Wages Council (NWC) has recommended a monthly wage increment of S$50 to S$65 for workers earning a basic salary of up to S$1,100, based on skills and productivity. . This is the first time the NWC has used a range, instead of its past recommendation of a fixed quantum figure.

UOB economist Francis Tan was quoted to have told media that the recommendation of having a wage range will allow companies to have flexible wage practices.

“It’s very important for the range of the wage increment to be suggested because currently, the economy is growing at a very slow rate. Some companies may not be doing that well so certainly they can afford the lower range,” Mr Tan added.

3. Is every school a good school?

160601 table School types yong

This was a recent study carried out to examine class stratification in schools and if students from different schools had different levels of educational aspirations. Children from higher socio-economic backgrounds are more likely to attend Integrated Programme (IP) secondary schools and their affiliated primary schools, as well as those that offer the Gifted Education Programme (GEP). Read more here.

Dr Cheung, one of the researchers, said:

“The observation from many news reports… does point to some form of social stratification in our schools; so in elite schools you tend to have families represented by higher socio-economic status (SES) and in other neighbourhood schools you tend to have the reverse.”

4. Say WHAT…?!

This cute little pup named Phoebe wants Coca-cola, hurhur!


5. Terrorism is real and it’s probably imminent

via nst.com.my

via nst.com.my

Malaysia has fired 15 immigration officers, accusing them of sabotaging passport systems to let in certain travellers undetected. Investigators say as many as 100 immigration officers may have been involved in sabotaging Malaysia passport control. The deliberate disabling of passport checks supposedly took place over six years.

“The syndicate … was able to control the movement of anyone entering or leaving the country.”

This is terribly close to home. Yes, the threat of terrorism is very real and peeps, please stay vigilant.

(Featured image via Nparks.gov.sg)


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