This 12 year-old can probably teach you a thing or two about kindness

By June 1, 2016Current

TL;DR – Sometimes children teach us more than we teach them.

Facebook user Laava Gunasegaran shares about her 12 year-old brother Ashvin who was making his way home from school when he witnessed an accident. 


Without thinking twice if he could’ve been hit by a car or a bike, he approached the driver in the car to ask if she was okay and helped her to open the car door as she was stuck. He then moved over to ask the driver in the other car if she was alright and when he found out that she was pregnant and that her leg was bleeding, he immediately ran to his friends and asked them to call for an ambulance.

All these while everyone else around was “so busy crowding around” “taking pictures or videos”.

Here’s the full Facebook post:

Good job, son.


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