5 x 5: The vile viral video, Scam continues & some sports stories

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1. A mean woman ate at a foodcourt yesterday

And more than 700,000 peeps know about it. Yes, at last count, there’re over 700,000 views of this video.

All that debate about English and Singlish? All count for naught if we cannot speak Kindness.


Nee Soon Central Zone 1 RC has also clarified the rumour that the woman captured in the video is NOT a member of their committee. More here.

2. Scram, scammers, scram!

We’ve flagged about DHL scams before and bloggers such as Alvinology has also shared his experience.

And yet, the scams continued… We know of people who have received calls about fake passports, and recently, there’re scams about fake credit cards too. Be sure to stay vigilant, and to warn all the elderly folks as well as people who ain’t online much.


3. RIP, Muhammad Ali

via AP

via AP

Muhammad Ali, the former world heavyweight boxing champion and one of the world’s best-known sports personality, died at a hospital after being admitted on Thursday. He was suffering from a respiratory illness, a condition that was complicated by Parkinson’s disease. He was 74.

4. Here’s some hot Schooling to cheer us up

Enough of sad news, Singapore swimmer Joseph Schooling won gold in the 100m butterfly final of the Longhorn Aquatics Elite Invite. He had clocked 51.58s, ahead of Olympian Michael Phelps by 0.07s.

Dare we dream our Olympic dream when Schooling competes in the Rio Olympics in August?


5. World Naked Bike Ride wheels back to New Orleans

via NOLA

via NOLA

Happening on June 11 is the World Naked Bike Ride. The dresscode? Bare as much as you dare.

(Featured image via ChannelNewsAsia)


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