5 x 5: Fairytale marriage vs fairytale wedding, ‘Snow’ in KL plus other Sunday stories

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1. Woman in viral video has apologised


Long story short, she said she was sick, and was ‘suay’ to have found some dirty object in her food after she finished, and was about to take photos to lodge a complaint when the 64yo cleaner cleared her plate, despite her telling him a few times not to. Of course, she also defended herself by saying she did not know of his hearing and speech impairment.


2. A fairytale marriage or a fairytale wedding?

Don’t miss this TNP article of how some Singaporean couples are chalking up a tower of a debt when preparing for their wedding. Those $2000 tables, that $1,000 tiered cake, that dress, oh that dress… Funny how misplaced priorities can be. A luxe wedding does not a beautiful marriage make, you know.

A report earlier this year also touched on how prices of wedding tables have hit a new high. As much as we want to be celebrate their love with them, it’s ridiculous to have to fork out $400 if we bring our partner just to share their happiness.

3. Not the end of the world if you fail, you know

via TheMiddleGround

via TheMiddleGround

Ex-ST editor Bertha Henson wrote a fabulous pieces where she shared her personal history and thoughts about failure. Go read!

We particularly like this part,

In fact, it is with age that you realise that success or failure shouldn’t just be about how you do in school or at work or business. It is with age that you ask yourself if you had failed in more important areas, such as your duties to your parents or your children. Or as a friend or boss – or even citizen. Those are the “results” that mark you as a person, not the career promotion or big contract. And failing or succeeding (hopefully succeeding) in these areas is what I would prefer to be measured against.

4. ‘Snowing’ in KL!

The hailstorm in Kuala Lumpur a couple of days was quite scary! Check out this clip of how it affected even an office building! (They said this is Standard Chartered’s office, we’re not sure.)



5. Daddy’s got talent!

老爸高超縫紉手藝超厲害!(圖/源源的小小君微博  via Weibo)

老爸高超縫紉手藝超厲害!(圖/源源的小小君微博 via Weibo)

So Taiwanese Weibo user YuanYuanDeXiaoXiaoJun posted her hilarious story. She had ordered a tee with cut-out online and when it arrived, she popped it into the laundry to wash before wearing it. Her dad spotted the tee when it was hung out to dry and had mistakenly thought his daughter’s tee had torn.

Guess what? He proceeded to help sew up the cut-out, LOL! Some nifty handiwork there!

via Weibo 源源的小小君

via Weibo 源源的小小君


(Featured image via tickera.com0


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