Alice Fong, the woman who had a meltdown at JEM, has apologised

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(TL;DR – She (sorta) says sorry, over a million views later.)

The video of that woman lashing out non-stop after a deaf-mute cleaner had cleared her food by mistake has now been watched 1.3 million times. In about 48 hours.


Local Chinese daily, Shin Min, has been following up on the story closely and has reported that the woman in question has apologised.


Here’s our not-so-professional translation.

The woman involved in lashing out at a deaf-mute cleaner has broken her silence and offered her apology for her strong words. She explained that she was unwell that day, and had also found a dirty object in her food, and she did not know that the cleaner is a person with disabilites.

Shin Min had reported yesterday that the incident had taken place at the foodcourt at JEM Shopping Mall at Jurong East at around noon on Friday. The meltdown lasted for some 15 minutes, during which the woman had called the cleaner a beggar. The video had sparked public outcry.

Shin Min had followed up on the story closely and this morning, Madam Fong (37, executive) explained about what happened for the first time. She claimed to be suffering from a cold that day, and had gone to the foodcourt for a meal with her husband after working half-day. However, the incident happened unexpectedly.

“I had finished my meal and realised that there was something dirty in the leftover dish. I was feeling very unlucky and was about to take photo as proof to lodge a complaint to the appropriate body.”

But the 64-year-old cleaner ‘Ah Heng’ went to clear her plate despite her telling him a few times not to clear, so Madam Fong started her outburst.

On a separate note,

There were rumours floating around that Madam Fong is a grassroot leader. Nee Soon Central Zone 1 RC as well as Assoc Prof Muhammad Faisal Ibrahim have clarified that she is not.



Updated @7:45pm

New details have surfaced.





“I said ‘Don’t clear’ three times, but he didn’t hear me, and even glared at me once.”

She claimed that she could not tell what disability the cleaner has, and he was not wearing any sign that tells of his disability, so she had no idea he has hearing and speech impairment. She had apologised through Shin Min Daily (this morning).

“I’m sorry I’d used strong words like beggar to scold him, those were said in my moment of anger. I’d already reached an understanding with the supervisor; I was not pinpointing at the staff, I was just upset my food was taken away.”

However, Madam Fong did not wish to apologise for the entire episode, and insisted that it was not entirely her fault.

More here, here and here.

So now, excuse us while we go and carry on feeling disgusted with Madam Fong’s behaviour.

Updated 6th June @6pm

According to The New Paper, Madam Fong has admitted that she was in the wrong and she has called Steven, the cleaning company’s operations manager, to apologise to him and to the cleaner.


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