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Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have seen the video of, read about, or at least heard someone talk about a certain Alice Fong who went batshit crazy and verbally abused an elderly, deaf and mute cleaner. Shin Min Daily News tracked down Alice Fong and got her “side” of the story. She also apparently apologised.

Instead of mollifying people, her half-hearted apology attracted more rage online. Many asked her not to come up with excuses for her abhorrent behaviour. Some called her a liar. Others called her names that polite people like us should not repeat… at least not in public.

If ever you find yourself having to apologise publicly for whatever reasons, please refer to Alice Fong as an example of what NOT to do. These are three things that Alice Fong did, which you SHOULD NEVER DO in an apology:


Alice Fong blamed her momentary loss of compassion and understanding to being down with flu.

simply flu

The last we checked, flu makes people sneeze, cough, tired, have sort throats, run a fever. It doesn’t eat your heart. Or your brains. And for someone who is down with a flu, Mdm Fong seemed quite full of energy. Down with flu can scream so loudly meh? Who cares if you are down with flu? WE DON’T WANT TO UNDERSTAND!!!

Moral of the story: If you have f**ked up something terribly and need to apologise, do not come up with lame excuses. It will only make the person/people you are apologising to even angrier.

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What the meme

Not entirely your fault then who’s fault? The cleaner for being elderly, deaf and mute? Mdm Fong, We get it. You were upset. There were some “dirty objects” in the food. You’ve told the cleaner three times not to clear your tray. You didn’t know that he was deaf and mute. None of that is a reason for that tirade you unleashed upon the cleaner and his supervisor. You still have the responsibility to control yourself and… be a firm, but decent human being.

Moral of the story: Often, you can’t control what happens. But you sure as hell can control how you react to it. If you need to apologise, don’t blame others.


This takes the cake. By making such a statement, we cannot help but conclude that what Mdm Fong said cannot be true. How can her conscience be clear when she doesn’t have one at all? No conscience how to be truly sorry? No conscience how to sincerely apologise?


Moral of the story: If you want to be sincere in your apology, show that you are really sorry. Don’t act all high and mighty.


If you ever need to apologise, don’t give lame excuses, don’t blame others, be sincere. Otherwise, you will end up like Alice Fong. DO NOT BE LIKE ALICE FONG.

We would also like to make a public service announcement. From what we have gathered, this Alice Fong person really is one kind. She apparently has a very bad reputation amongst property agents.

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And we have also heard from our property agent friends that she goes around claiming to be very rich, asking to see really expensive properties. She apparently would then ask the agents to treat her to really good meals.


So. If you are a property agent. Be warned.


Updated 6th June @6pm

According to The New Paper, Madam Fong has admitted that she was in the wrong and she has called Steven, the cleaning company’s operations manager, to apologise to him and to the cleaner.

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