5 x 5: Another murder by maid, COE prices up and other news

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1) KFC accidentally locks 5 customers inside outlet

Employees at the KFC outlet in Novena Square locked up for the night without realising there were still customers in the restaurant, leaving them trapped for almost an hour.

The fried chicken establishment has since apologised for the blooper with…


A free KFC meal.

2) Another possible murder case by maid in Singapore

Screencap of Google Maps via todayonline.com

Screencap of Google Maps via todayonline.com

A 59 year-old woman was found dead in her home in Telok Kurau. Her 23 year-old maid has been arrested in connection with the death – the victim’s husband had rushed to the second-floor toilet of the home where the maid had allegedly emerged holding a knife.

3) An automated laundry -folding machine has been invented!


via http://geekologie.com/

Say Hello to this lifesaver! The Foldimate is an automatic laundry folding machine that can “fold, steam, sanitize, soften and even perfume” your laundry so you don’t have to!

4) Civil servants won’t have Internet access on their work computers


Public servants will not be able to access the Internet from their work computers by May 2017.

This implementation is a result of an “extensive review” by the Government to reduce the prospects of its data being compromised or stolen by cyber attackers.

5) COEs spike after easing of car loans

Certificates of entitlement (COE) ended higher for cars at the latest tender on Wednesday, June 8.

via straitstimes.com

via straitstimes.com



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