5 x 5: New Whatsapp feature, SMRT bus captain ‘cosplays’ pilot & other news

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TL;DR – Everything you need to know daily, summarised for you at 5pm.

1. WHATSAPP now lets you quote messages

Have you noticed the latest feature that Whatspp has rather quietly launched? You know how you sometimes want to reply to a question posted much earlier before the avalanche of messages drown that question? This latest feature allows you to quote that question when you reply, so that people can easily tell which question you’re answering.

Just hold down the specific message you want to reply to, you should see a new ‘REPLY’ option next to the usual ‘COPY’, ‘FORWARD’ and all.


And then just choose ‘REPLY’ and type away. The message that you highlighted earlier should appear as a quote. Like this!


2. Meet SMRT Chief Bus Captain, Uncle Krishnanraw!

The always-smiling Uncle Krishnanraw is stationed at Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange, and you can recognise him by the pilot’s cap he likes to wear too!

3. The bizarre case of the bizarre man who doesn’t want to withdraw his CPF

So, this 66-year-old Singaporean holds dual citizenship and is attempting to get his senior citizen pension benefits in New Zealand where he lives now. Subject to certain conditions, New Zealand citizens or PRs over 65 who have lived in the country for at least 10 year are entitled to superannuation benefits of about NZ$600 (S$570) fortnightly. However, the payout may be modified according to conditions like income earned elsewhere, including from abroad. So now, the Social Security Appeal Authority of New Zealand does not want to release the pension to the man as they want him to use his CPF first.

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More here.

4. Our hearts go out to the Orlando shooting victims

And here are some important words that we all need to hear,

The Government’s duty is to protect everyone. Their race, their religion, their sexual orientation – these are not relevant in terms of the Government’s duty to protect. We have a duty to protect everyone.

And oh, still on the Orlando shooting tragedy, here’s another notable video from our little island.

Hmmmmmmm… As at 5pm, this video had over 12,000 views and not a single person said anything about Steve Jobs. Listen from the 4:25 mark. And, iPhone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…. *sweats*

5. One-legged man takes on American ninja warrior!

Truly inspirational! To quote a friend, ‘He might not have cleared the course, but I think he got further than most of us would….’ More here.


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