5 x 5: Grilled durians & Other half-baked ideas on a Saturday

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1. Durians, Grilled!

Who has tried this? Delish not?

2. ‘Uncle must be safe, OK?’

Were you trapped in the flash flood along Enterprise Road in Jurong West on Friday afternoon?

[media-credit name=”FB / Thessa Huiying” align=”aligncenter” width=”960″]image[/media-credit]

Some 11 people were trapped inside three vehicles – a bus, a lorry and a car. The water level was knee-high even in the bus!

[media-credit name=”FB / Thessa Huiying” align=”aligncenter” width=”540″]image[/media-credit]

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was activated to help evacuate the passengers trapped in the downpour. According to one of the trapped passenger, Thessa Huiying’s Facebook post, one SCDF officer requested that an elderly man wear a safety vest, telling him,

“Uncle must be safe ok?”

[media-credit name=”FB / Thessa Huiying” align=”aligncenter” width=”540″]image[/media-credit]


3. Tharman to bosses: Culture of perseverance, hard work key

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DPM Tharman was the Teochew Entrepreneur Award dinner last night and in his speech, he’d said that the culture of perseverance and hard work matters as much as innovation so bosses must play a part in instilling these values in their employees

“Many employers give us feedback that something is changing in our new generation, those who are starting work or who are early in their careers – people do not stay long on the job, and are impatient to move on, fewer believe in learning the ropes, taking time to develop skills on the job and working their way up.”

“There is less hunger compared to 20 years ago, and of course compared to 40 or 50 years ago. It is not something we have hard data on, but the qualitative feedback is common and widespread.”

“We must spend time to develop our people, individually, and give everyone a sense of opportunity if they work hard in their careers, no matter where they start from. We must also develop a less hierarchical culture – one that empowers every individual, and helps them to see how their ideas, their experiments and their efforts to do the job well contribute to the whole enterprise.”

More here and here.

4. Five half-baked ideas most Singaporeans have about NTUC?

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It seems like everyone has a different opinion and idea of what NTUC really is and what they do. Some think it’s (just) a supermarket, some think it’s an insurance company. But NTUC – or otherwise known as the National Trades Union Congress, is much more than your supermarket or insurance provider.

More here

5. Who got married?


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