America’s Got Talent: When Simon meets Caly

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TL;DR – Simon says, “I’ve just got this really incredible feeling about you.”

Simon Cowell is often an ass. He is parsimonious with his praises, his comments often unnecessarily harsh, his insults brutal and scathing. But that is not to say that he doesn’t appreciate talent. And he often calls it as he sees it. When he does praise someone for their talent, you know it’s because he is truly convinced that that person is capable of amazing things.

In the latest episode of America’s Got Talent, a 16 year-old girl convinced Simon Cowell to press the golden buzzer. Who’s this 16 year-old girl that wowed the evil Simon Cowell?

She’s Caly Bevier, a survivor of Stage 3 ovarian cancer.

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She is gorgeous, she has an amazing voice, and she’s only 16! But that’s not all. She’s also a cancer survivor. At 15, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 ovarian cancer. She was on holiday that summer when her mum noticed a lump on her stomach. She had it checked and found that it was a tumour.

Caly then went for an operation that removed the 5-pound tumor removed. The doctors biopsied the tumor and found that it was cancerous. Caly then underwent rounds of chemotherapy. She finally went into remission at the end of August 2015.

At her audition for America’s Got Talent, she told the judges this:

“I kinda came here today to show people that no matter what you’ve gone through to keep chasing your dreams.”

After saying that, she gave a goosebumps-inducing rendition of Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”. She had the entire audience up on their feet cheering for her. Even Simon Cowell got up to applaud Caly, giving her two thumbs up.

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Howie Mandel was the first judge to give his comments. He said this:

“You’ve gone through an obstacle far greater than anybody much older than you could even imagine going through. And then you come to this point and you make choices. And you made the choice of singing THAT song. And that’s your fight song! And it was so heartfelt and so inspirational I just want to say thank you.”

And Simon Cowell couldn’t agree more.

“Calysta, I love everything about you.”

“…. I predict great things are going to happen for you. There’s something about you.”

We couldn’t agree more. Go Caly!

Here’s Caly’s amazing performance.

(Featured image via America’s Got Talent wiki page)

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