5 x 5: #Brexit is real, the beautiful strike & more

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1. Are you Team #Brexit or #Bremain?

The people of UK have spoken through the referedum, and they have voted to LEAVE.

The PM, David Cameron, has also resigned. Yea, we know, that escalated quickly.

For more, read here and here.

And oh, it’s also a good time to change some pounds.

2. What next in EU?

[media-credit name=”Twitter | Missingfaktor” link=”https://twitter.com/missingfaktor/status/745397014276497408″ align=”aligncenter” width=”474″]5a[/media-credit]

3. A crime so hideous we cannot….

Daniel, the boy who’s just two, abused at home, the place where children are supposedly most protected. And hurt by the hands of his mother and her live-in boyfriend.

[media-credit name=”The New Paper” link=”http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore-news/toddler-dies-after-abuse-mum-and-her-boyfriend” align=”aligncenter” width=”608″]5b[/media-credit]

More here.

4. Scam, Mutated.

Yes, the DHL scams about passports and credit cards are still alive, and the police have also alerted of a ‘mutant’ scam. Some members of public have received phone calls purportedly from courier companies and/or government officials, instructing them to download certain apps onto their mobile phones. If you download these apps, they may introduce malware into your phones. And yes, scammers may then gain access to incoming messages to steal your personal info, banking details and whatever.

Be careful and spread the word, peeps!

5. The most ‘beautiful’ strike in the world

Hundreds of flight attendants from Taiwan’s largest airline, China Airlines, went on strike today, resulting in flights being grounded and some 20,000 passengers affected.

More videos here.


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