5 x 5: No fxxking do-overs, Teenage ‘sexposure’, that glorious John Oliver rant & more

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TL;DR – Everything you need to know, summarised for you daily at 5pm.

1. Don’t use your mobile phone when refuelling your car!

Just don’t.

2. Nine in 10 teen boys in Singapore exposed to porn: Survey

[media-credit name=”Straits Times” align=”aligncenter” width=”900″]160629 Survey on pornography[/media-credit]

And the corresponding ratio for teen girls is less than one in 10. More here.

3. They treated this 6yo so badly she cried

4. Be still, my beating heart!

So that the good doctor can check my pulse!

5. John Oliver was sarcastically brilliant in Last Week Tonight

“…. they might be screwed, because a pig fucker called for a vote, a bus had some bullshit written on it, and then two idiots named Nigel and Boris quoted President Bill Pullman. They’ll get it. They’ll totally understand!”

Bonus! Nigel Farage’s extraordinary speech to the EU parliament


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