5 x 5: Shipping MRT trains back to Qingdao & A little Hari Raya story

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1. The G explains what’s with that ‘secretive’ train return

Yes, the G has spoken. Read the details here.

More links:
TODAYonline and Straits Times report on the matter
Factwire was the overseas newswire that broke the news
MTR in Hong Kong ordered from the same manufacturer too, and they’re now alarmed
This Chinese company is also making the new subway cars for Boston and Chicago

Meanwhile, the Unscrambled team is wondering if it was even legal for Factwire to be flying its drone over our port…

2. They won’t go hungry this Hari Raya

Madam Jurina was robbed of her last $50 in April. The New Paper (TNP) found out that this mother of two, who suffers from chronic kidney disease, has to take care of two sons and an elderly mother. Help poured in after TNP put up the video, and here’s what Madam Jurina said,

“I can’t wait to cook Hari Raya dishes for my sons and mum. I can finally make my house look grand.”

More here

3. How do the scammers scam?

Let us count the ways…

More here.

4. Heart- and Mickey Mouse-shaped bubble wrap is a thing?!!

[media-credit name=”en.rocketnews24.com” link=”http://en.rocketnews24.com/2015/09/02/japans-heart-and-mickey-mouse-shaped-bubble-wrap-is-the-cutest-thing-youll-ever-pop/” align=”aligncenter” width=”575″]5c[/media-credit] [media-credit name=”Rakuten” link=”http://item.rakuten.co.jp/putiputi/10000178/” align=”aligncenter” width=”575″]5b[/media-credit]

Only in Japan. More here

5. Which camp are you?

One camp believes that Obama is the best dad ever. The other believes that he’s like all dads who embarrass their daughters. Hurhur.

(Featured image via Factwire)


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