5 x 5: Robber on the run, the protected PMEs, Harry Potter & other stories

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1. StanChart robber still running

(via Straits Times)

(via Straits Times)

“If there was a security guard present yesterday it would’ve made a difference,” said another bank customer Mr Willy Lau, 43, who is self employed.

Yes, apparently that Standard Chartered bank along the row of shophouses in Holland V that houses a total of five(!) banks was without a guard yesterday. More here.

2. Stop eating that ice-cream!

Yea, that Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. AVA has recalled a batch of this ice cream after plastic film was found in a tub.

3. More PME representation

via My Paper

via My Paper

Did you know that amendments were made to the Industrial Relations Act last April to allow collective bargaining for PMEs by unions?

Patrick Tay of National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) updated the media yesterday that 370 out of 1,400 unionised companies from 45 unions have expanded their scope of representation for PMEs. This is more than double the 150 companies from 20 unions last July.

More here.

4. Only one item in this picture is real.


Which one? Find out here.

5. Harry Potter was WHERE??!

This is super bizarre and came out of nowhere. So for the past three weeks, coachloads (We know, we thought we’d read ‘cochroaches’ too) of Chinese tourists have been ferried to ‘unremarkable’ Oxfordshire village after being told that was where Harry Potter films were made. The tourists would even knock on bewildered residents’ doors to ask for welfies.

More here.

(Featured image via Dailymail.co.uk)


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