5 x 5: Honest taxi uncle returns S$235K worth of cash and other headlines

By July 11, 20165 x 5, BBBE

TL;DR – Everything you need to know, summarised for you at 5pm.

1) Honest taxi uncle returns S$235,000 cash left in his car

2) 99.co fires Australian who had criticised Singapore

The Singapore expat who was an SEO specialist at the company had raged on Facebook about not having Pokémon Go yet.

You can see the company’s apology in its entirety here.

3) Inmates broke out of their cell to save a guard having a heart attack

This happened in Texas, USA:

4) Pre-school teacher suspended after parent complains about ‘humiliating’ punishment

She had made his son stand in front of the class for sporting long hair, and put a “girl hair clip” on the boy.

5) Pokemon hunt in Perth

And in more Pokémon Go news,


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