5 x 5: Serving up durians, bak kwa, hawker food & two dubious personalities!

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1. Too much ado over durians

So, Png Eng Huat from the Workers’ Party went on a durian trip with his residents and volunteers over the weekend. Here’s what he’d shared on Facebook.

via Facebook/PNGENGHUAT

via Facebook/PNGENGHUAT

Guess he wasn’t the only one who had that idea. Minister Tan Chuan Jin, too, was in Johor, and the two men were trying to clear immigration at around the same time. Guess Png was upset that Tan’s entourage seemed to receive special treatment.

A pro-PAP Facebook page tried to shed some light on the WHY yesterday.

And today, ICA decided to clear the air once and for all. Check out their Facebook post here. Minister Tan himself also took to Facebook to share his point of view.


2. So, did he or did he not enter the restricted area of Fukushima?

Slightly over a week ago, daredevil-photographer from Malaysia, Keow Wee Loong, published a set of photos that quickly went viral.


It gained LOTS AND LOTS of attention and Keow was talking about being interviewed day and night by the Who’s Who of the media industry. Yea, big names like Time and CNN

This person here said everything that some people were dying to say when they saw his photos.

Local news site, The Middle Ground, also published an article on this, only to have Keow tell them on Facebook to go Fxxx itself.

via Facebook/TheMiddleGroundSG

via Facebook/TheMiddleGroundSG

And today, Keow managed to crash a site. This guy here called Keow’s bluff and said he had completely fabricated his story. If site is still down, check out the screengrabs here.

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3. Stop buying those bak kwa in Bangkok!

via Aroimakmak

via Aroimakmak

The popular Lin Zhen Xiang (林真香; ลิ้ม จิง เฮียง) brand of bak kwa and dried pork sold in Bangkok have been found to contain excessive levels of preservatives. The levels of preservatives (sodium nitrite) found in some products are “alarming”, according to the Thai Consumer Protection Association. More here.

4. Changi Airport food court wins Airport Food Court of the Year Award

Select Group Limited via Channelnewsasia

Select Group Limited via Channelnewsasia

YAY! Our Straits Food Village food court at T2 Transit Area has beat out strong competitors from international airports including Zurich Airport, Dublin Airport and Sydney Airport to win the award! First in Asia to win this, yo! More here.

5. Is Melania Trump a copycat?

via CNN

via CNN

It’s part of tradition for the Republican presidential candidate’s wife to address the Republican National Convention on its opening night. But did Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, plagiarize part of Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008? More here.

Or, watch this clip.


(Featured image via Twitter/ChangiAirport)


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